“The hypnotist has power over me."

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. The hypnotic state is one you induce because you want to; because there is something you want for yourself and you have decided to be open to using this tool. 

“I will reveal secrets." 

It is entirely possible to withhold information, or even to lie under hypnosis. You
decide what you do and do not want to share.

“I can be given a suggestion to do something against my moral code.”

Under hypnosis you cannot be made to do anything against your will.

“If I remember what happens or am not ‘unconscious’ then I am not in trance.”

Trance can be a little like daydreaming, or like a guided fantasy, with you doing most of the guiding. It s a relaxed state of awareness. You can remember anything you experience in this state that you decide to remember.

“I will not be able to stop the trance and wake up.”

You can decide to terminate the experience at any time. You are in control.

“Only certain people can be hypnotized.”

People go into hypnotic states many times every single day like driving, reading a
book, watching a movie, or day dreaming.

“The deeper the trance state, the more effective the work.”

The level of trance is not important. You can receive benefits from all levels of trance ranging from light to deep. Like many skills, going into trance becomes easier, more profound, and more enjoyable with practice.