I offer non-judgmental, compassionate therapy for those wishing to address life challenges such as depression, anxiety, grief, relationship and family concerns, life transitions and adjustment issues.

Often when people become entrenched in repetitive, self-defeating patterns and behaviors, they feel stuck and unable to lead the lives they want and enjoy satisfying relationships. I work collaboratively with clients to understand these obstacles within the context of their history and current life situation and then develop strategies to remove or transform them. By exploring thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a safe and encouraging environment, one can increase self-awareness, cultivate inner strength and learn new skills to navigate life in a more effective and fulfilling manner.

Therapy is a collaborative space created by the therapist and client. Within this safe, non-judgmental therapeutic relationship, we work together to identify your areas of concern. Upon entering therapy you may feel uncertain about how to resolve an issue or to reach a particular goal. My role is to support you in exploring yourself and gaining a deeper understanding of your experience you can attain your goals. 

By strengthening your emotional awareness you will learn what needs or deeper emotions reside below. With this awareness, you will learn to understand and express emotions more fully, thereby fostering more fulfilling connections with others. 
Together we will find new ways of seeing problems, removing obstacles and understanding your emotions.