The Subconscious Mind

 In our day to day life our conscious mind is alert and ever-present; analyzing, making decisions, judging, thinking and rationalizing. Our subconscious mind feels, intuits, dreams and regulates physiological functioning. Subconscious literally means under conscious awareness. Through hypnotherapeutic techniques, these two minds are switched. The conscious mind recedes into the background while the subconscious rises to the foreground. 

Most of our actions stem from our subconscious mind rather than from conscious awareness. Even though we might believe that our conscious mind controls our behavior, it is often the subconscious that impels us. The subconscious mind holds our memories, desires, motivations, habitual patterns and emotions and generates our behavior and experiences. These are often hidden from the conscious mind. Behavior that is dictated from the subconscious mind does not come from conscious choice but from old programmed behaviors.

By revealing the subconscious mind, you are able to access parts of yourself that call for healing and transformation and you also learn to speak directly to your physiology to positively influence your physical condition - the body responds to the mind’s messages. Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind to release emotions, resolve problems, gain insight, and change behavior.

Through relaxation, imagery, visualization and breathwork, you are guided into a calm, open state where your mind is able to access its innermost resources to provide new solutions and perspectives. During hypnosis, you remain aware and lucid as you create new paths from old ways. Change and healing take place as positive suggestions are offered to the subconscious mind.